love & marriage…da dun da dun da dun.

the topics of love/marriage/dating/relationships, etc. have come up quite
often lately in many of my conversations. ultimately, the main
question seems to be “Why do most people believe that the ultimate
goal in life is to be married and have kids?”

the thing is – we are raised from the beginning to believe that it’s what you do – you grow up, you go to school, you (maybe) go to college, you meet your spouse, you get married and then, in most cases, you have kids and live happily ever after…right?

not necessarily. in no way do i belittle marriage; i believe that it is an amazing gift that one can experience in his/her life. but as a lazy, bored-easily, give-up-when-things-get-too-hard society, marriage has somehow become an institution no longer respected or pursued with the right motives or attitudes.

no, i have never been married – but i don’t have to experience marriage to know that it takes hard work. dedication. heavy doses of humility and patience. and yes, it is for life. divorce may seem an easy and quick solution, but i have quite a hard time believing that divorced individuals do not struggle in life with tremendous trials and tribulations as a result of a broken marriage.

what is this desire for love and marriage and dating and relationships that we so achingly long for and crave? and why is it that once we get these things, we so easily dispose of them because our feelings tell us we are bored, or tired, or sick of trying to make it work? or that we deserve something better, something new?

the point is this: we need to fight harder for what we want. for the things that are important to us. for the people that really matter. we need to fight harder and never stop fighting. it’s too soon to give up.


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