current musings

i think that i try to fix people. i think that i too often look at others and see things they should change and so i suggest these things or force these ideas on said people and then end up pushing them away. or alienating them. or offending them in some way.

it’s not as if i have it all together, because i certainly don’t. but it’s kind of like the whole mantra “share the wealth.” in this case, the wealth would be what i have learned and how it has benefited me and enhanced my life – and of course, i want that experience of good and positive and beneficial things for those in my life that i love and care about deeply.

but there is a fine line between helping others because you care and helping others because you think they need to be fixed.

we all need to be fixed in some way, right? which is why coming at someone with a way to change/tweak them often comes off as somewhat hypocritical, i suppose.

it’s about intentions, i think.


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