Change, monotony, and life.

i feel as if i should write about something today, but i’m really not sure what exactly.

i’m quite an introspective, self-reflective person, so i often think back on the past and consider where i am today – for example, where i am now compared to where i was a year ago (physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, etc) is so drastically different, but in a good way. and i’m thankful for that. but i’m also amazed at how different our lives can change, sometimes quickly and sometimes gradually without us even realizing a change has occurred.

another issue that i always seem to come back to is that of monotony – at times, i am caught up in the newness and excitement of life, as i was two months ago – and then there are days when the sheer monotonous aspects of life get the best of me; and i’m left wondering how we turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

something to think about, i guess. as if i didn’t already have enough to think about…


2 thoughts on “Change, monotony, and life.

  1. i finally found your blog- i copied and pasted it all and plan to read it in my leisure time… assuming there is electricity, of course. I look forward to reading all 16 pages it turned out to be in a word document… hopefully it’ll help me feel connected to you in spite of the distance. love you!

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