i know, i know – but how?

“The prophet Jeremiah refers to looking for satisfaction in all the wrong places as digging empty wells that have no water in them (see Jer. 2:13). The answer to my constant frustration came when I received the revelation that my satisfaction had to be in Christ Jesus. I came to know what a privilege it was to live under His guidance, trusting that He would never fail me, nor forsake me.

When Paul said he had learned to be content, he was saying that even if he did not particularly like the situation in which he found himself, he still trusted God. Therefore, his trust kept him in perfect peace. When our mind is stayed on the Lord, we are content and peaceful.

Trusting God and refusing to complain in hard times greatly honors Him. It is of no value to talk of how much we trust God when all is well. But when the test comes, then we should say and sincerely mean, ‘I trust you Lord.’ He delights in a contented child. When we stop struggling with everything and humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God, He promises to exalt us.

God is waiting to bless you, but you must close destructive doors of discontentment through gratitude and thanksgiving. He always knows what He is doing. Don’t wait until everything is perfect before you decide to enjoy your everyday life.”

-Joyce Meyer

the thing is this – i know that finding contentment in Christ is the right thing. the only thing. the solution. the most satisfying way to live. i know this – and i have known it for some time now.

but the problem i face is actually living it.

i can repeat the words over and over -but when it comes to doing what i say and living what i believe, then do i follow through? nope. not lately, at least.

and that’s frustrating to me. ridiculously frustrating.

i realize there is no formula, no neat equation or solution, as to how we are to live and how to be content and how to rely on God for everything, etc.

but sometimes..i wish there was.


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