apparently, i’m an extremist…

so, i’ve finally come to the realization over the last few weeks that i am, in fact, an extremist.

i dont have middle of the road opinions (usually). i either love it or hate it. i dont kinda like something or kinda not like something. i love it. or hate it. it’s that simple.

and i’m not sure if this is always a good thing – i guess at times, it can be quite a close minded way of thinking. but it’s who i am. it’s how i think. it’s how i view the world.

maybe it has to do with the fact that i’m overdramatic at times, or perhaps, somewhat exaggerative. so maybe, while i may seem extreme to others, i may just be embellishing my opinion a bit.

or maybe, it all comes down to the fact that im a passionate person. i feel very strongly about things – most things. there are of course things that i really could not care less about, and therefore, will not have an opinion about them – included in these things are politics, sports, and of course, the stock market. these are also things that, most of the time, i do not understand, therefore forming any opinion would be fruitless and inaccurate.

so, i guess the point im trying to get at, is – is being an extremist really all that bad? i mean, i would not consider myself a close minded person – im open to many beliefs and ideas. i dont let my strong opinions keep me from listening to someone else or accepting them for who they are. but i know what i like and i know how i feel. is that really so awful?

im not exactly sure of the answer – all i know is that i am who i am – and apparently, i am an extremist.


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