time for a good rant…

ok, so i think the best time to rant is when you’re not fully angry, but relatively calm and trying to see things rationally and logically (yes, i do realize that makes no sense) at any rate, this is sort of one of those times.

why does conflict exist and how do we overcome it? how do you make someone understand where you’re coming from without completely insulting them or having them take it personally? if we could all just get along, that would be great – but we can’t. so we’re left to figure things out as best as we can. i like to think of myself as someone who does her best to resolve conflict in a mature, unselfish manner – but let’s face it, i’m human, i’m sinful, and sometimes – i screw up.

and it really does go back to being selfish, doesn’t it? in any conflict, we are usually fighting for our own agenda, and not necessarily considering the other person. but what is the point? what are we fighting for? why do we care so much? how do we resolve the unresolvable?

i prefer closure and resolution. i want things to reach some sort of end, or purpose. i want things to work out, and overall, i want everyone to be relatively content with the resolution of an uncomfortable, conflictual situation. in my life, i do want to live at peace with people, as much as i possibly can.

is this really too much to ask?


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