waiting and waiting and waiting..

i am not a patient person – anyone who knows me can tell you this. i believe my impatient nature is a trait which i have inherited from my father, one of the most impatient men i know. at any rate, it is still a character trait which i constantly struggle with and have struggled with for quite sometime.

i know that waiting is a good thing – because i have seen, in my own life and in the lives of others, the positive outcomes that result from waiting. good things come to those who wait, right? usually, this is the case. not everything needs to happen according to my rapid timing. i realize that my brain is constantly working on overdrive, and usually much faster than most people’s (maybe it’s all the caffeine…), and therefore, i am always thinking about things i want to happen, or need to happen, or should happen. and i rarely stop to breathe – i just want what i want now.

but waiting is hard. and why? because, when you’re waiting for something, you have to trust, and when you have to trust, it means that you are not in control of what happens, and being out of control freaks us out – it scares the hell out of us, actually. so we become scared and impatient, and we anxiously and haphazardly try to fix a situation according to what we want. and usually, this is what screws everything up.

not everything that happens to us should happen in our own timing – in fact, i would venture to say that most of the meaningful events that have occurrred in my life happened when i was least expecting them, or when i wasn’t trying at all to orchestrate the details. i was unknowingly waiting for these things to happen, and they did happen – all on their own timing.

some things are out of our control – and shouldn’t they be? shouldn’t some things (most things, really) be left up to someone else to decide how and when they happen?

i know that waiting is good. and i know that my timing is never anywhere close to as great as God’s timing has, is, and will be.

there is joy in waiting; there is peace; there is reassurance that everything is going to work out they way it should, when it should.

find comfort in the waiting. sit back, take a deep breath, and relax.

you will not have to wait forever.

“He has made everything beautiful in his time.”

.ecclesiastes 3:11.

One thought on “waiting and waiting and waiting..

  1. thanks for that, love.
    such a good reminder.
    God is faithful.
    and we won’t have to wait forever.
    even if it feels like it sometimes. 🙂

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