i haven’t missed a month…yet

so, for the sake of blogging at least once a month (which, i have  done successfully so far with this blog), i need to write. about something. anything. i’ll try to make it somewhat purposeful, and not just a post for the sake of posting.

speaking of purpose, that’s what i was going to talk about. the thought of living my life with purpose and intention drifts into the forefront of my mind every so often when i’m not considering other things in life such as work, relationships, leisure, etc. when i take a step back away from all the madness, i am left with that one pivotal question: “am i living my life with purpose? am i living every day intentionally?” the thing is, we get too caught up in going through the motions. it sounds cliche, but it’s true ( as most cliches are). how do we break up the monotony of every day and do something small (or big) to make this day different than all the ones before?

sometimes, i wonder if it even matters. but most of the time, i know it does. i know i am on this earth for a reason, and i know that a fulfilled life is one lived with great energy and vigor and purpose. if what i am doing doesn’t matter, then why even bother living? what’s the point? there is a point. but in order to remind myself of it, i must live every day with some sort of goal, or purpose, or intent. the problem is, that’s not always easy to do. and i’m not exactly sure how to go about it. so, if anyone reading this has any ideas, i’m all ears…


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