random musings

i cannot believe it is already september. my life is flying by me so fast, and i fear that one day, i will wake up and be 65 and wonder where the last 40some years went.

i am ready for this election to be over. no, seriously. it’s ridiculous. it’s bringing out the worst in people, and it’s sad to see that happen. i will never understand politics. nor do i want to, actually.

i have decided that i need to do something more with my every day life than get up, go to work, come home, watch tv, then go to bed just to wake up the next day and do it all over again. i’m thinking cooking classes…or maybe volunteering somewhere. i think the second option is a better idea, mainly because it would be helping others and it’s free.

on sept 24 i will have been at my job for exactly one year. again, where is the time going??

despite my hatred for cold weather, i am excited for fall to come. now, if we could skip winter and go right to spring, that would be even better. oh, to dream.

i wonder where i will be 5 years from now…


One thought on “random musings

  1. Around where I live, people are crazy at politics, which is fine, but they’re all on the opposite side of me. I’m afraid to speak out, because people will think differently of you.

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