Recipe #2: My Doughnut Downfall

i have to be honest, i wasn’t going to post this recipe attempt. but, to be fair, if i post my successful ones i guess i must also post the not so successful ones as well. and, despite what my mother thinks, these were an ultimate FAILURE. so, i found this recipe on Taste and Tell’s blog, and i was intrigued by the ideas of ricotta cheese in a doughnut recipe. ive made doughnuts once, and i ended up with a very smoky kitchen, but a delicious batch of doughnuts. this time, not so much. there was no smoky kitchen, but there were no delicious doughnuts either.

i’m really not sure what went wrong – i think the main thing at fault would be the fact that i don’t have a deep fryer and it is extremely difficult to make sure a pot of oil on the stove stays at 325 degrees. anyway, as a result of this, the doughnuts were at first undercooked on the inside, but nice and dark on the outside. i figured they would have a cake-like texture, similar to those at Dunkin’ Donuts, but i was sad to discover that the inside was dense and doughy (which was probably because they were undercooked! and also, i may have put a bit too much batter in for each doughnut – they were a bit large) i never did get a batch to turn out the way i wanted them, but ultimately, they didn’t look so bad on the plate. and, ironically enough, my mother came home and absolutely loved them ( i’m convinced she was lying to make me feel better, what any good mother would do, so i can’t fault her for that. but maybe she did really like them, who knows)

Vita’s Ricotta Doughnuts

(found on Taste and Tell)

the batter before frying: my toppings (i used cinnamon sugar, melted semisweet choc chips, and powdered sugar): before being coated with toppings: the final product ( because the doughnut itself is pretty bland, i definitely recommend topping these with something. the cinnamon sugar with chocolate on top was actually quite tasty): so all in all, i guess these were not a total failure, but they certainly were nowhere near a success. i think that perhaps i should wait until i have an actual deep fryer before i attempt any more doughnut recipes… if you want to attempt these yourself, go here for the recipe. let me know how you do, i’d be interested to hear about it.


2 thoughts on “Recipe #2: My Doughnut Downfall

  1. I’m so sorry these didn’t work out for you!! I’ll admit that a deep fryer sure does make things easier – especially keeping the temperature of the oil right. Before I had my deep fryer, I had a lot more failures. I hope the next one goes better!

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