Recipe #3: Margaritas are my Favorite

i love margaritas. in fact, i love tequila, but even more so, i love margaritas. especially with some good mexican food. so naturally, i would love to explore a recipe that uses tequila and lime. enter the margarita cupcake. i decided to make these with my nieces and nephew (it sounds, bad, i know – but their mother did give me permission!) so, overall, i like this recipe because it is quite easy. i didn’t have enough lime zest though, or tequila – so next time i would get more limes and add more tequila as well. also, the frosting was a bit runny because i didn’t mix it long enough, and i may have added a bit too much lime juice. but overall, these were pretty good, and i do recommend them if you enjoy lime flavor (and tequila).

Margarita Cupcakes
(taken from …and a cookie for dessert)

my nephew Tucker enjoying the batter:

before frosting:

my nieces Chloe and Lucy helping with the frosting:

enjoying the final product:



2 thoughts on “Recipe #3: Margaritas are my Favorite

  1. i thought these were good. they don’t need any more tequila. especially if my children are going to be licking the spoons (jerk! having them eat the baked product is slightly different than the tequila infused batter. i can not WAIT til you have kids). btw, they look a little tipsy in those pics.

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