Ohhhh, Christmas…

so, for the past two years, i have not been the biggest fan of christmas. not one bit. but this year, im turning over a new leaf, and am choosing to positively embrace the holiday season. this new attitude could be credited to the fact that i’ve already decorated our house and am about 75% finished my christmas shopping. but no matter what the reason, i realize that i do appreciate Christmas for the religious meaning it has for me, and that negativity towards the commercialization of the holiday really doesn’t make it go away. so here’s to Christmas – may it be joyful, peaceful, and of course, tasty:)

speaking of tasty, i am currently planning my christmas cookie menu. i gave out christmas cookie assortments as gifts last year to my coworkers, and they were a big hit. i have so many recipes i want to bake, however, and i’m having trouble narrowing it down.

meanwhile, i’ll try to post my favorite ones as i bake them – be patient with me, as my camera still is crappy, and i was using my boyfriend’s which is a nice one, but then i went ahead and lost it (whoops).
maybe i’ll get a new one for christmas! we’ll see…

ps – if you have any favorite christmas cookie recipes, let me know! i’d love to try them this year.


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