grief and loss

on saturday, may 23, my boyfriend’s good friend Bobby died in a motorcycle accident. when i heard the news, i was in total shock. Bobby was not only Andrew’s good friend, but he was my friend, too. he was like a big brother to all of our friends. he was the ringleader of our group and kept us all together. he was truly a unique, special and genuine person. he will be, and already is, greatly missed.

this is the first time in my life i have experienced such sudden loss. it’s hard. it’s excruciating at times. it’s confusing. in times like this, i am reminded that our human minds are not able to fully comprehend the tragedies and complexities of this world. and as much as i want to understand why this happened, i find peace knowing that Bobby is with the Lord in heaven and yes, one day, i will see him again. praise God for that.


Bobby and me, February 2008

by: Mae

When I close my eyes to this paradox place
I’ll fly away, far away from here
I’ll get away and dream, dream of you

When it’s all said and done
And the night has come
I’ll disappear, take flight on the wind of wishing you were here
Fading light, like a star whose life has been gone for years

And I’ll fly, fly across the sky
And I’ll leave, I’ll leave it all behind
If you’ll be here, here with me tonight
I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine
I’ll be fine

*Bobby Rambo//8.21.84-5.23.09*


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